Residential Properties (RP) supports The University of Chicago (University) — its faculty, staff, and students — and the University community by operating a thoroughly professional, high quality, and responsive organization. The goal of RP is to provide a variety of safe and comfortable housing options for University students, faculty, and staff — in conjunction with excellent customer service — that make living in the Hyde Park area attractive.

We also strive to identify and encourage quality retail tenants to locate in our neighborhood, and we work diligently to retain businesses that help support the strength and vitality of the University community. We endeavor to accomplish this while operating the University’s assets in a professional, cost-effective, and business-like manner, with close attention to the bottom line, and strong emphasis on overall customer satisfaction.

RP works constantly to represent the University to the community in a very positive light by maintaining our buildings, inside and out, with a clean and neat appearance, and by making conscious efforts to be a very good neighbor.
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Select Floor Plan Bed Bath Rent
Studio Studio 1 $904
One Bedroom 1 1 $1,059 -to $1,179
Two Bedroom 2 1 $780
Three bedroom 3 2 $1,530