As indicated in all leases, without written consent of Landlord (which may be revoked at any time upon 10 days’ written notice by Landlord to Tenant), Tenant shall not have any, and Tenant shall not allow any pets or animals in any apartment or public area of the building.  We have, to date, allowed tenants living in certain buildings (listed in this policy) and apartments (generally unfurnished, not carpeted, and not recently renovated) to have certain pets, providing that all pets be registered with the management office.  As the registrations are for one lease term only, it is necessary to register pets with each new lease term. This policy is an attempt to lighten the lease prohibition against pets, while establishing rules to control them in a manner intended to produce the least risk and annoyance to other tenants, University employees, and community neighbors.
The Rules are:
  1. Leases will continue to contain the "No Pet" clause, and its enforceability as to any particular pet, class of pets, or all pets shall not be reduced by this special code of modification of the "No Pet" clause. 
  2. Registration of a pet shall be for one lease term only and must be renewed each lease term.    Only those pets will be registered as may reasonably be expected not to cause damage to property or annoyance/ fright to occupants of the building. In general, wild animals, animals not usually kept as pets, and ones that are likely to be too big, too noisy, too fierce, too temperamental, or which are trained for protection will not be allowed.  Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Doberman Pinchers, Rottweilers, Chows, Presa Canarios, Akitas, Wolf Hybrids, and Huskies are specifically prohibited pets in University owned housing.
  3. No pet will be allowed to be registered by a tenant who has had a previous registration invalidated for any reason.         
    4)      No pet shall be within the leased premises or the building after its registration has been invalidated.
    5)      Notwithstanding other parts of this notice, the following conditions will also pertain:
    a.     Failure of the University to take action relative to any pet shall not invalidate its right to do so against that or any other pet.
    b.     Wild animals, snakes, and skunks are prohibited.
    c.     Dogs may not be walked on University property or on any parkway maintained by University personnel (curb your dog).
    d.     Whenever possible, pets must be transported through the rear entrance and/or service elevator and during reasonable hours only.
    e.     All animals must be on a leash or in a kennel while in the building and on a leash while outdoors on University property, adjoining sidewalks, and parkways.
    f.     Cat owners are required to maintain a sanitary container for cat litter, or a similar compound, within the apartment.  
    g.     Used cat litter must be placed in a plastic bag, tightly and securely tied and sealed.  The plastic bag must be deposited in an appropriate building garbage receptacle.
    h.     No more than two pets will be allowed in any apartment.  If necessary, at the discretion of the University, the number of pets in a given apartment may be further limited. 
  1. No pet litters will be allowed in any apartment. 
  1. The Municipal Code of the City of Chicago requires that all cat and dog owners who are tenants of the City for more than fifteen (15) days comply with all annual pet licensing requirements, including the fact that all dogs must be vaccinated for rabies at six (6) months of age and every three years thereafter, or more frequently if deemed necessary by the veterinarian.  It is required that all pet owners in University owned housing comply with this and any other state or local regulation regarding pets. 
  2. Other rules, or changes made to this policy by the University, may become effective immediately. 
The University may pursue other remedies, when necessary, as stated in Tenant’s lease.   
– As of January 2014 -
Building #            Building Address
2                           1401 E. Hyde Park Blvd.
4                           5110 S. Kenwood
5                           5301-23 S. Kimbark Ave.
13                         6051-57 S. Drexel Ave. (906-14 E. 61st St.)
14                         6054-56 S. Ingleside Ave. (920-28 E. 61st St.)
12                         6044-52 S. Ingleside Ave.
Building                Building Address
A                            1321 E. 57th St.
B                            1323 E. 57th St.
C                            1413-15 E. 57th St.
D                            5470 S. Greenwood Ave.
E                            5706-10 S. Blackstone Ave.
I                             6021-35 S. Kimbark Ave.